William Larue Weller 2014 BTAC - 750ml

William Larue Weller 2014 BTAC - 750ml

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The 2014 expression was bottled from 39 barrels that saw a 62.3% loss to evaporation, totaling by our estimate, only 3,933 bottles released this year.


At 140.2 proof, the nose surprisingly has a lack of alcohol scent to it. Instead, it has wonderful sweet notes of vanilla, caramel, confectionery sugar and fried dough, which are all in full force here. It may not have the most unique scented nose, but it’s amazingly rich and pleasant.


Dark fruit, toasted oak, cinnamon, pecan, smoke and brown sugar. The palate isn’t as broad as it’s deep. There are more complementary flavors this year and those flavors have a good amount of depth to them. This more focused range of flavors helps make this year’s WLW very balanced and tight.


The thick, syrupy and deliciously rich body of this year’s WLW finishes exactly the way it should: with a perfect length, amount of heat and flavor that trails off elegantly. The toasted oak flavors last throughout the finish, but this year they’re better balanced with the rest of the palate’s flavors.

- breakingbourbon.com review


Company: Sazerac Company Inc.

Distillery: Buffalo Trace

Released: Fall 2014

Proof: 140.2 !!!!

Age: 12 Year, 3 Months