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Heaven Hill 27 year Barrel Proof - 750ml

Heaven Hill 27 year Barrel Proof - 750ml

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Appearance: A beautiful brownish orange in the glass, this bourbon has warm earth tones and wonderful legs as I swirl it around.

Nose: There is a subtle play of sweet and oak aromas on first smell, highlighting the fact this older bourbon appears not to be over-oaked. Hints of sweet peach and pear drift up from the glass after a short bit, and half an hour later brown sugar and toffee compliment the balanced oak.

Palate: There is little heat in this bourbon, so watering it down isn’t really needed. Orange, jam, vanilla and some wood emerge in my mouth as I taste it, along with some hints of maple and caramel. There’s a warm mouth feel, complimented half an hour later by some rather odd notes of candy corn and caramel corn. This is definitely showcasing itself as almost a dessert bourbon.