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Blanton's Single Barrel Original - 750ml

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Albert Bacon Blanton, born in the winter of 1881, hailed from one of the esteemed families deeply entrenched in bourbon heritage. At a tender age of sixteen, he commenced his journey in the Distillery as an office assistant, swiftly ascending to become a prominent trailblazer in bourbon's evolution. Assuming the mantle of company president in 1921, he orchestrated a remarkable expansion, escalating the Distillery's infrastructure from 44 to 144 buildings, thereby establishing it as the preeminent Distillery of its era. Throughout his tenure until his retirement in 1952, Colonel Blanton curated his exclusive and scarce bourbon reserve, meticulously handpicking and storing it in what is now revered as Warehouse H. Although Colonel Blanton passed away in the spring of 1959, his indelible imprint endures. In a nod to his legacy, Blanton's eponymous bourbon was introduced in 1984, marking the inception of the first-ever commercially available Single Barrel Bourbon, a groundbreaking innovation in the realm of spirits.
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