George T Stagg 2002 1st Edition Signed

George T Stagg 2002 1st Edition Signed

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George T. Stagg Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
2002 First Release - Signed by Master Distiller Harlan Wheatly
68.8% ABV - 137.6 proof

Nose: Deep nose that has brown sugar, slight oak, cinnamon and vanilla all in perfect harmony.
Taste: Mmmmmmm wow??? brown sugar, vanilla and a good burn that makes me smile.

You know there is some power here, but it does not burn your mouth.
Finish: Some oak, then big vanilla and brown sugar. The burn is just right with this juice. Like a bottle of heaven.

After time the burn does pick up some, but nothing like expected
Overall: This stands alone in the world of great whiskey. Easy to see why it was #1 in 2002.