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Colonel E.H. Taylor Cured Oak - 750ml

Colonel E.H. Taylor Cured Oak - 750ml

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Region: Kentucky, USA

Distiller: Buffalo Trace
Mashbill: Mash #1 (low-rye)
Cask: Cured oak
Age: 17 years
ABV: 50%


E.H. Taylor Cured Oak gets its name from the curing process the staves went through before making the barrels. Typically independent Stave will air dry (cure) Buffalo Trace’s barrel staves for about 6 months before being fashioned into barrels, but for this project the staves were cured for 13 months. After being fashioned into barrels and filled with BT’s Mash #1 new make the barrels were placed in warehouse C, which is a cooler brick and mortar warehouse, to age for 17 years.